What's Poo Got To Do With It?

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Are you ready to learn what's really going on in your gut?

Like why your poops are so irregular, yes, but also why your hormones are a mess, and why you’re exhausted and bloated all the time?
What’s Poo Got To Do With It?
is an on-demand masterclass that walks you through exactly what’s happening in your gut, why you feel so crappy AND tells you what to do about it.

It’s more than a “gut feeling” – you know something’s not right in there. 

What you may not know is how constipation, diarrhea, bloating and even fatigue, chronic pain, thyroid & hormone issues can be signs of gut dysfunction that you can actually do something about.

This masterclass helps you understand what’s really going on in your gut! You’ll learn the anatomy and physiology of your digestive system and connect the dots between your funky gut health and your other symptoms. You’re a whole person, not a collection of parts! It’s all connected.

You’ll also get the tools to visually assess your own poop, understand what it means, and make easy changes to your diet based on what you learn. A DIY poop-sessement, if you will.

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Hi, I’m Michelle Casey and I was once in your shoes.

Random, inconsistent gut problems, random, undiagnosable symptoms, and doctors that told me everything was “normal”. (Insert eye-roll emoji.)

I know firsthand how frustrating it is to be doing “all the right things” and feel like crap! And then to have people blow you off because you “look fine”. 

I was not fine, and I believe you if you say you aren’t either.

I created this masterclass to help you understand the actual, physiological connections between your gut health and your other seemingly “random” symptoms. You’re not alone!!

Let’s get you some answers!!