For Problematic Periods & PMS

An 8-Week Group Coaching Program to Help You
Find Natural Relief to Your Period Pain and PMS

Without Drugs or Hormones

For years, I had the worst periods of almost anyone I knew. Debilitating pain. Overwhelmingly heavy flow. Wild mood swings that threatened to end my relationships. 

I would have to stay home from school, work, cancel all my plans – or if I couldn’t cancel, I would have to basically OD on over-the-counter pain drugs (sorry kidneys and liver) and wrap myself in heating pads just to get through. 

And then there was the fatigue. *Especially* if I had pushed through those first couple days of hell, I would be so exhausted I’d end up calling in sick later in the week.

If I knew you well, I would tell you the truth. If I didn’t, I would lie and say I was sick. Either way, I felt ashamed and like my body was NOT my friend.

I got tested for All The Things™ and the doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me. They put me on birth control and that helped regulate things, until the side effects got so bad I couldn’t stand them anymore. So, I went back on my own natural roller coaster. Whee.

I didn’t know it could be any different (my sister had it worse so I actually felt lucky, if you can believe that). I didn’t consider that my period was another “vital sign” of my overall health. I didn’t know that there was anything I could do to feel better, other than symptom relief in the moment.

I have WAY easier periods these days, and when my symptoms get bad again (hello, mold illness), I know how to feel better immediately. I’ve been helping my 1:1 clients with their periods for the last 5 years, including debilitating cramps, super-heavy bleeding, PMS/PMDD, infertility and post-partum depression, and I decided to put everything I’ve learned into this program!

Hey, for those of you who don’t know me – my name is Michelle Casey, I’m a functional health coach and helping people fix their periods is one of my favorite things!

How many of these can you relate to:

Do you put things off or reschedule them when your period rolls around?

Are you finding it hard to plan around your cycle because it’s so unpredictable?

Are your cramps so bad you need ibuprofen (or something stronger) every month?

Is your flow so heavy you often leak through your tampons/pads/cups/sheets?

Do get anemia or fatigue because of your heavy flow?

Have you ever had a period that lasted more than a week? How about several weeks?

Do you have mid-cycle spotting?

Do you get breast tenderness before and/or during your period?

Have you had an abnormal PAP smear?

Are you either too cold or too hot all the time?

Do you get mood swings, sad, angry, or anxious before your period starts?

Is part of your PMS emotional eating?

Do you get WILD-ASS PMS cravings, even for foods you know will make you feel crappy?

Do you get headaches or migraines around your cycle?

Does your digestion go haywire (either constipation or diarrhea) around your period?

Do you have to take time off work for your symptoms?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these, The Radiance™ Program is for you!!

What you'll learn:

How to self-assess for hormonal imbalances and which lab testing is best, based on your symptoms and goals.

How to sync your energy WITH your cycles instead of fighting against them, and being surprised every month

How to help your cycles become more regular if they’re not

Natural ways to reduce a heavy flow

Drugless methods for getting cramps, headaches and back pain under control

How to self-assess for nutrient deficiencies and how to eat to nourish each phase of your cycle

How gut health and hormonal health are connected and when you should focus on your gut first

How to help ease the digestive issues that come up around your period

Natural ways to help alleviate mood swings and the main nutrient deficiencies that are related to hormonal depression

How to address anemia without those constipating iron supplements

How to powerfully deal with cravings without feeling deprived

How to nutritionally compensate for nutrients lost to birth control

Natural protocols for dealing with abnormal PAP smears, before trying surgery


Are you ready to start 2021 with some ACTUAL solutions to your hormonal problems? Me too. Let’s do this.

As part of our commitment to equity and social justice, a portion of the profits from this program will be donated to Our Periods Matter, which provides hygiene kits to homeless people with periods.

You can learn more about their mission here.