Hey Friend!


Welp. It’s 2021 and wherever we thought we’d be by now… We are here.


This last year has been an exercise in sustaining ourselves, in adaptability, in emotional resilience, and many of us are depleted to some degree, even while doing the best we can.


I know you know that you need to take good care of yourself. And that true self-care means more than bubble baths and body butter. (Although both of those things could definitely be a part of your self-care game!)


But let’s face it, we all need some accountability here and there to do the things we know we should do anyway.


And let’s be honest… Prizes and a lil friendly competition can help too!


Well… Buckle up, Buttercup!


Because self-care bingo, or as I like to call it:

… is coming to an internet near you!!


To Play:


1. Register by filling out your name and email address in the form above or below. Every Monday beginning January 4th, you’ll get a unique Quarantingo card emailed to you. Each card is valid for one week! You can play for a bingo (any 5 in a row) or a blackout (the whole board). 


2. Join my Facebook group, Holistic Health Squad


3. If you’re playing that week, post a picture of your bingo card in the group and in the comments post a picture of each self-care activity (no nudity, obvs) each time you cross something off! Make sure you tag me if you get a bingo or a blackout!


4. Tune in on Monday afternoons when I go live (sometime between 4pm & 7pm Pacific) to announce the weekly winner from a random drawing of all the bingos!! 


5. Prizes TBD each week, but will include such awesome items as cycle-syncing journals, nutrition assessments, supplement reviews, a month’s worth of meal planning with recipes and a shopping list – and more!


Don’t worry about remembering this, all the rules will be sent every week in your email!


Can’t wait to help you upgrade your self-care game!!!