Science and Shit

with Michelle Casey

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We are counting down the days until Science and Shit (my epic new podcast) is released into the world! The mission of this podcast is to give you a solid foundation for your relationship to food and to your health, demystify the science around gut health, and encourage critical thinking with maybe more than a little swearing.

Season One is basically a comprehensive wellness course, outlining my “Get Your Shit Together System™” that will help you optimize, personalize, and systematize your health goals. (See the graphic below for the outline of each episode!)

To kick things off, I’m hosting a private, intimate event in January where the podcast’s biggest fans will get to be together, have a little dance party, some hot seat coaching, and I’ll be giving away some super fun prizes, including a squatty potty and my favorite probiotics!

To be eligible to win, you just need to review the podcast, share about it on social media & tag me!

Sign up for the private event below and we’ll make sure you get notified as soon as the podcast drops!!