Podcast Episodes


Ep 8 Supplement to Support

First in step 6 of my “Get Your Shit Together” program, I want to make sure that you’re not trying to out-supplement a nutrient poor diet.  Supplements are a great

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Ep 6 Test and Assess, Don’t Guess

Now we’re into step 4 of my “Get Your Shit Together” system, which comes down to functional medicine screenings at regular intervals. “Functional” means something is working optimally, doing what

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Ep 5 Fortify Your Gut

Step 3 of my “Get Your Shit Together” system is to fortify your gut.  I say fortify because not everyone specifically needs gut healing, but everyone can fortify their gut

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Ep 4 Eat Mindfully

Here we are, step 2 of my “Get Your Shit Together” system.  This portion is all about eating mindfully. Do you sit down and eat in a relaxed state? Do

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Ep 2 Get Your Shit Together Workshop

First things first: go to this link and get your workbook! >>> ​​https://michellecaseynutrition.com/get-your-shit-together-workshop-download/ Using this worksheet, you can rate yourself on the different aspects of each of these 9 steps

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