Woof, that pain is cramping your style, friend.

If you’re suffering from migraines, joint pain, mysterious muscle aches or any other type of chronic pain…  this could definitely be related to your diet.

Yes, even if you’re already gluten-free or on an elimination diet.

I know somebody said “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” or whatever, but… I call BS.

Take it from me – back in 2014 I was a trainer and a health coach, eating a perfectly beautiful, nutrient-dense diet and STILL developed ulcerative colitis, chronic pain AND chronic fatigue.

Turns out, that “perfect” diet wasn’t perfect for me.

What I learned is that gut health is literally the basis for all the other areas of our health, and what we eat is the most important part of that.

Well, what we eat AND WHEN WE EAT.

That brings me to my #1 nutrition tip for chronic pain…

Eliminate Nightshades, Gluten & Sugar

These are the main foods that I have seen over and over in my practice contributing to chronic pain – like joint pain, fibromyalgia & migraine headaches.

Now – here’s the thing – sensitivities or allergies to these foods may not be the root cause of your chronic pain. That could be any number of things – gut dysfunction being the #1 offender, although that can also lead down a rabbit hole of “root causes”.

But when we’re talking about symptom relief, like getting your pain down to a dull roar in order to be able to even focus on what’s next – eliminating these foods is a great place to start.

If you’re ready to learn the exact ways that food is reacting in your gut and causing these uncomfortable symptoms, I have a Masterclass called What’s Poo Got To Do With It? that will show you exactly that.

You’ll also get the tools to visually assess your own poop, (a Poop-Sessment, if you will), understand what it all means, and make easy changes to your diet based on what you learn.

I’d love to speak with you more about how to reach your health goals in a way that’s sustainable, accessible, and fits into your actual factual life. But for now, check out the Masterclass and let me know what ya think! It’s $27 and one hour long – and it might just change your life.