The researched-backed, gut-healing diet to reverse your symptoms and reset your relationship with food

That’s right, The Good Poopers Club™ is an 8-week group coaching program, guiding you through a research-backed, gut-healing elimination diet that’s designed to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of IBS, IBD, Autoimmune Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, and more.

Imagine for a moment that your body had a reset button. What would happen when you pressed that button? What symptoms would you like to just erase?



Digestive issues?

Seasonal allergies?

Hormone imbalances?

Well guess what – The Good Poopers Club™  is a giant reset button for your body. 

No feeling deprived. No feeling hungry. No worries about “is this food going to make me sick?!”

We remove the most inflammatory and gut-damaging foods. 

And then we focus on adding the most nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods we can.

Turns out those nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods leave you feeling more satisfied and deeply nourished. 

Plus you’re restoring your gut health in the process?! Win-win.

What you can expect from The Good Poopers Club™

Fix Your Digestion: You know, the bloating, the gassiness, the unpredictable responses to food – you don’t have to live like that! Whether you have a formal diagnosis like IBS, or you’re just struggling trying to figure out what your triggering foods are, The Good Poopers Club™ gives you the tools you need to identify exactly which foods hurt and which foods help!

Reduce Inflammation: Did you know that inflammation in your gut can lead to hormone imbalances, joint pain, skin issues like eczema, fatigue, immune dysregulation, chronic headaches, as well as the obvious – constipation and diarrhea! The Good Poopers Club™ takes you through a DELICIOUS guided anti-inflammatory elimination diet* that starts resolving your symptoms from the inside out!

Nourish Your Immune System: We’ve never been more concerned with immune health than we are right now. Did you know that your immune system uses the most nutrients of any other system in your body? But stress, a nutrient-poor diet (ie: the diet most of us were raised on), as well as many medications can deplete our nutrient stores, and lead to a dysregulated immune system. Eating a nutrient-dense diet* like the one in – you guessed it – The Good Poopers Club™ – is the best way that you can regulate your immune system and give it exactly what it needs to do its job.


*Please note that this dietary template (while it probably contains many more vegetables than you are currently eating) is not suitable for vegetarians; you will need to at least eat seafood to get enough protein for the intended results.

Hi! I’m Michelle Casey and I have kept my autoimmune disease in remission with nutritional therapy since 2014.

I’ve also reversed my osteoporosis (praise be to deadlifts) and helped countless clients regain their vitality, resolve their chronic pain, fix their digestion and greatly reduce other symptoms. 

I’m passionate about empowering my clients by helping them understand how to interpret the signals their body is sending them.

And I believe, deeply, in the power of the body to heal when we remove stressors and provide it with the nutrition that it needs to thrive.

Because let me tell ya…

I used to be really fucking tired.

Like, I don’t really have adequate words for the level of fatigue I experienced if I pushed myself too hard – and “too hard” was a moving target, so it was really fun trying to manage that.

My blood tests all came back normal or inconclusive. I wasn’t sick enough for the doctors to do anything for me, but I was too sick to live the life I wanted.

Sometimes I’d feel okay (I was a competitive bodybuilder, ran a few marathons, started businesses), sometimes I’d feel awful (running to the bathroom in between sets, having to take 2 days off because I “overdid it” by going for a 2-hour hike), but it was always this mysterious thing I was battling in the background. 

This went on for Y E A R S before I got an actual diagnosis – and it had to get worse before it got better.

In the Spring of 2014, I was running 3 different businesses – as a personal trainer, health coach, and a cafe owner – and I was holding myself together with cortisol and caffeine.

My digestive issues got worse and worse. My chronic pain was relentless. And did I mention the fatigue?! It was a total shitshow. (Pun very much intended.)

My doctor wanted me to get a colonoscopy, but I had no time for it – until everything came crashing down. The businesses fell apart. My body was just done.

Our greatest challenges lead to our deepest resilience

After I finally got my diagnosis, I knew I had to make some serious changes if I wanted to get my life back, so I started trying different gut-healing diets to see if I could figure out what actually worked for me. 

I happened to be in nutrition school at the time, so I studied everything I could get my hands on about the immune system and gut health.

That was when I found the researched-based, gut-healing elimination diet that I now guide folks through in The Good Poopers Club.

My autoimmune disease went into remission. I got my energy back. I felt amazing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ready to stop feeling like shit?

What you get with The Good Poopers Club™

Each week you’ll have a new module with pertinent lessons, and a live call with Michelle, with workshops, Q & A, and hot seat coaching to make sure you are fully supported throughout the whole program.

The Topics:

Lesson 1 – Buckle Up, Buttercup! – Getting prepared for the elimination phase! Setting intentions and getting our physical space set up. Symptoms Assessment.

Module 2 – Elimination and Sh*t – Day one of the elimination diet! We’ll cover possible “detox” symptoms you may experience, why HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat, Digestive health, and introduce you to how to track your food + symptoms for clues.

Module 3 – Keep Your Hands Inside The Ride – Customization, a deep dive into macronutrients and their functions, types of carbs, fatty acid balance, common pitfalls and how to combat cravings.

Module 4 – Nutrivore 4 Life – Setting some goals about including nutrient-dense foods, learning about micronutrients and nutrient deficiency signs, as well as what nutrients your immune system needs most. We’ll also have a conversation about supplements, how to look for quality and what to prioritize.

Module 5 – What If I Don’t Feel Better Yet? – Further customization – what to do if you still suffer with persistent symptoms. Histamine intolerance, SIBO, FODMAPS, sulfur intolerance and probiotics will all be covered.

Module 6 – Check It Don’t Wreck It – Reintroduction readiness check-in and week one of reintroductions for some. Symptoms Assessment update.

Module 7 – What Are We Going To Do Tonight, Brain? – Week two of guided reintroductions. Mental Health and Sleep Check-in. We’ll also discuss self-sabotage!

Module 8 – Celebrate Yourself! – Week three of guided reintroductions. Celebrate! Acknowledgments and Victories. We’ll discuss appropriate movement for your body and the stage of healing you’re in. 

Additional Features:

  • Pantry cleanout guides
  • Recipe ideas, meal plan examples and shopping lists (Remember the cafe? Yeah. I’m a trained chef. We eat well in the GPC.)
  • Comprehensive, curated nutrition education on macronutrients & micronutrients and their function in the body
  • Extensive, essential education on the function of your digestive and immune system, as well as the gut-brain-mood connection
  • Guided reintroductions for the last 3 weeks together
  • 15% off professional supplements in my dispensary (10% if you’re in Canada)
  • Troubleshooting and customization support along the way
  • Quizzes and self-assessments to help you customize your experience
  • A private (off-Facebook) community for Q & A and support
  • A curated goodie box full of helpful gifts, hand-picked by Michelle to ensure your success in the program

The next round of The The Good Poopers Club™ begins March 28th, 2022!

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Can’t wait for the next round? Need help sooner? Book a call with me to see if working together 1:1 is the right fit.