Case Study – Kati

Kati says: “Working with Michelle on my gut health might be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I had been dealing with mystery ailments with unknown causes for a long time, so when I discovered that I had multiple gut health issues, including H. pylori, I was actually thrilled. Once I started the protocols she gave me I felt the positive results almost immediately. I lost 20 pounds in a matter weeks just from the reduction in inflammation. My energy level increased. I was able to sleep better, my mood was better, and it became much easier to concentrate. Not to mention the improvements to my digestion.

I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t always easy to do the protocols she gave me, especially the one for for H. pylori. I had to battle nausea, avoid reinfecting myself with H. pylori, and the timing of when and how to take things was a challenge to keep straight. But it was all completely effective, didn’t cause any damaging side-effects, and, in my opinion, was totally worth it. The longer term effects are starting to become clear. 

Michelle says: “Kati had been working with me for a while when we decided to do a stool test. The stool test revealed some bacteria that was out of balance (too many bad guys, not enough good guys.) Not all of my clients choose to do drugless, herbal protocols, but Kati wanted to try the self-treatment approach first. It worked beautifully for her, and we were able to make a pretty good guess that her previous gall bladder attacks, hormone imbalance, and psoriasis were all connected to her gut imbalance. PS we managed to save her gallbladder when her doctor recommended surgery.”

One of the myriad of mystery ailments that I was battling was hormone imbalance. Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. And as a result, irregular and painful periods that lasted forever (10-12 days) if I got my period at all. And after a long enough time without getting my period I would eventually just start bleeding, since the build up in my uterine lining needed to go somewhere, but without the hormonal signals controlling it, there was nothing to make it stop and it would go on for months sometimes. Now 6 months after clearing the gut bugs that were preventing me from absorbing nutrients from my food and making the hormones that I needed, I’m ovulating every month, having my period every 29 days like clockwork for only 7 days, and I’m not even crying from pain once.

Michelle says: “In our gut we have the microbiome, which is the name for the collective colonies of bacteria, yeast, etc. that live there symbiotically. We also have what’s now being referred to as the estroblome. The estroblome is the cross-section of those bacteria that can metabolize estrogen, and it’s a vital piece of the puzzle for hormone balance! If those “good guys” are too few in number, or crowded out by too many “bad guys”, we will not be able to detoxify the spent hormones that we create. Working on balancing hormones directly is cool, but have you ever seen someone get their gut healthy and then suddenly have normal periods?”

I had been struggling with symptoms for so long, with no idea how to correct them, that I had gotten resigned to having to put up with them. It felt like magic when they all suddenly began to resolve immediately and simultaneously, and the continued improvements I’m experiencing continue to feel miraculous. Michelle was knowledgeable, understanding, and kind and had answers to all of my questions. I would refer anyone with gut health concerns to her.”

Michelle says: “Seems like Hippocrates was right when he said, all disease begins in the gut… but that means all health can too.”

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