Case Study – Heather

Heather says: “I started working with Michelle 5 years ago. I was overweight, out of shape and couldn’t keep up with my 19 yo sister. I’d struggled with my weight for years (or low self esteem, whichever) and had killed my metabolism doing the hgc diet a couple years before that. I had ideas about being socially acceptable and in better shape. At one point I had 2 pages front and back of physical complaints.

Michelle says: “So many times I see clients who are constantly comparing themselves to others, or the media, or how they used to look, and they can’t even appreciate their body and how it is *right now*, because they’re too busy trying to change it. When I proposed the idea that Heather’s body was inflamed and trying to protect her, it allowed her to have a tiny bit of gratitude for the amazing mechanism that her body is, and she started on a deeper journey of self-love. Understanding how to interpret our signs and symptoms properly can often do that! I love the science-y, detective-y stuff but honestly that is my favorite part of this work.”

Working with Michelle transformed my life and how I thought about health and nutrition. I’d had digestive & hormonal issues most of my life and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my late 20s. I’d worked with naturopaths, acupuncturists, ayurvedic practitioners, conventional doctors, among other types of health practitioners, trying to find solutions, relief. Michelle took a tangled and complicated mess of symptoms and gently teased them out. I had systemic inflammation and my flares were in part due to a leaky gut which was caused by food allergies I had no idea that I had – now I wonder how on earth I didn’t know.

Michelle says: “While there is a definite diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia, the root causes can be dramatically different for each person who is diagnosed with it. With Heather we needed to discover the root of her inflammation, which – luckily for her – was food. She is incredibly intolerant to gluten and dairy, and was eating these foods daily – as are most people on a Standard American Diet! We worked on removing the inflammatory foods and helping her gut heal, which in turn helped bring her pain levels down, energy up, and bonus – her skin started to heal.”

She helped me find the diet that’s right for me – one I can thrive on. When I started with her I had severe numular eczema covering most of my body. As my gut healed my skin cleared up, I lost weight. When my voice teacher told me to get my allergies under control before she could continue working with me, Michelle was my first call. She told me she thought estrogen dominance was causing my allergies- I thought she was crazy but I trusted her. Within 6 months all of my allergies cleared up (and my cycles regulated) – including my severe asthmatic reaction to dogs.

Michelle says: “Allergies can be a root cause OR a secondary or tertiary symptom. In Heather’s case, the hayfever and airborne allergies she was experiencing was a symptom of greater systemic inflammation. Estrogen is an important antioxidant as well as a vital hormone, but like everything, it needs to be in balance. Once we balanced her hormones naturally, her body was not reacting to every little thing.”

I love working with Michelle because her intimate and detailed knowledge of how the body works is incredible. She thoroughly researches everything. She never stops learning. She’s willing to say I don’t know, let’s try this (which was amazing when I had no idea what was wrong with me). She’s able to order and read detailed tests so her protocols are incredibly specific to you, and when things get tough she’s supportive and will find ways to tweak the protocol to make it easier or more effective.

Michelle says: “There are many roads to get to the same place! Whether it’s with me, or another healthcare provider, please please please speak up if you can’t figure out how to fit their protocols into your life. The good ones will work with you and help you to create a sustainable way to implement the changes they’re suggesting.”

At best I was seeking symptom management, now I know how to heal my body and how to live with vitality again. For me, Michelle is on my team for the long haul and working with her is key to my well being. I sound like an infomercial, but she’s really had that impact on my life. I no longer worry about my weight or being socially acceptable. I monitor my health and work to bring it and keep it in balance. I can’t even remember half my complaints and symptoms now. What Michelle offers is rare, effective, and profound.”

Michelle says: “It was really funny asking Heather to look back and write this testimonial, because she literally had forgotten how sick she was when we first started working together. But that’s the goal, right?” 

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