My name is Michelle Casey, and I help badass humans crush their health goals.

Hey, friend. If you’re anything like my clients, you have a lot of goals and dreams. You want to change the world. Whether that’s through your career, your parenting, or your volunteerism – you have a big vision and a big heart.

But your body doesn’t always want to cooperate. You’re distracted by stomach problems. Bogged down with chronic pain. Fatigue sometimes just stops you in your tracks. You want to be able to participate in activities with your family and friends without wondering if you’ll pay for it the next day (or longer).

You know you need to be better at self-care, but you’re the last priority on your list – mostly because you’re just so resigned that none of your “healthy choices” seem to make one iota of difference in how you feel!

I have literally been there and I know how frustrating it can be! Sometimes you just need some help figuring out how best to care for your body. Sometimes you need accountability. Sometimes all of your best ideas and internet searches have been exhausted and you need someone to tell you what to do for a while.

So how do you know who to trust?

What do you do when your doctor tells you that your lab results are ‘normal’,  doesn’t listen at all, or just offers prescriptions instead of answers?

What do you do when your friends are losing weight on restricted diets or high-intensity workout plans, but when you try them you feel 10x worse?

What do you do when the internet has 4 completely different and conflicting answers for each of your health issues?

What you need is someone who can help you advocate for yourself, and at the same time, help you understand how to interpret the messages your body is clearly trying to send.

You need to know:

  • How to be friends with your body instead of at war with it.
  • How to enjoy food again, not be afraid that anything you put in your mouth could set you off.
  • How to find a way of eating that is actually sustainable, not just a 30-day cleanse or fad diet.

My Story:

If you’ve read this far, you probably guessed that I can help you with all of that and more!

I struggled with un-diagnosable health issues for YEARS before I discovered bio-individualized nutritional therapy. I would push myself in the gym or on the trail, then crash for days. I would “eat healthy” and then have TERRIBLE digestive symptoms. I would randomly just binge on food I didn’t even want, because I never felt full or nourished. I got hangry and shaky and weepy if I didn’t eat every few hours. I was exhausted ALL THE TIME, so I held myself together with coffee. My hormones were totally out of whack, to the point where every 45 days or so I would have a debilitatingly painful period and have to cancel my clients for 2 or 3 days. I was in a vicious cycle that was only spiraling downward.

Doctors couldn’t help me, vitamins didn’t help me, following other people’s diet plans or supplement protocols didn’t help me, I really thought I was just going to be like that forever. I found ways to compensate – I worked part time, I barely held myself together with coffee & “adrenal support” supplements, I knew where every single bathroom in my neighborhood was including the port-a-potties at the construction sites.

Then the time came when I took on too much – I was running three businesses including a café, I had employees that I was responsible for, I was getting engaged and planning a wedding – and I crashed. Hard. I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and subsequently Osteoporosis.

Turns out my beautiful, well-researched diet was making me incredibly sick. I discovered I was allergic to several foods I was eating daily. I tried multiple gut-healing diets and got sicker, until I discovered the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. I modified it to fit my specific needs, and in the meantime enrolled in school to learn everything I could about Nutritional Therapy and how to repair a broken digestive system.

I started healing. (Big shout out to my husband for doing all of the cooking for literally YEARS while having to consult multiple charts on our fridge every time to see what I could eat. Not all heroes wear capes.)

I learned about how my digestive system was supposed to work, and what had gone wrong. I learned about the mechanisms of autoimmunity and how nutritional therapy could help regulate (re-educate) my immune system to stop attacking my own body’s tissues.

I kept learning. I learned how to personalize other people’s dietary and supplement protocols based on what THEY needed, not what was in a book or even what worked best for me. I learned about lifestyle changes that help enable the immune system and the digestive system to work more efficiently. Soon I was well enough to start helping clients.

These days I feel amazing, even when I get sick I’m still way healthier than I was before. I have a really lovely relationship with my body (which as a former bodybuilder/competitor I never thought would be possible without a six-pack!). I know how to listen to the symptoms (messages) that my body is sending me and respond accordingly. I eat in a way that feels nourishing, and fun, and exciting, and joyful. And I have the incredible privilege to guide others through this same kind of process – albeit MUCH faster than I went through it myself!!

I will tell you, and you can read a few of my case studies here on this site, that the results my clients and students have experienced have been astounding. I do this week in and week out and I am still so excited and so freaking honored to watch my clients and students get these amazing results. “I’m pooping like a normal human for the first time in my entire life.” “I have no more cravings.” “I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in years.” “My joint pain is 90% gone.” “My second pregnancy was light-years easier than my first.” “I’m working out harder than ever and recovering well.” These are the kinds of things I hear all the time. It’s so fun and rewarding!!

Because my clients, these amazing humans, are just like you. They have a lot of things they want to accomplish. They have goals, and dreams, and people who are counting on them. They were being held back from what they could accomplish because of a misunderstanding about what their body needed. And it’s not their fault – it’s not like we were issued owner’s manuals with our bodies!! Once you “get it” – once you can see your symptoms (messages) for what they are, life gets a lot simpler.

I’m taking an indefinite hiatus from health coaching right now, but I have 3 amazing colleagues who I’m referring folks to. Click the button below to meet them!